About me


I studied Computer Engineering and Management at National University of Singapore and Stanford University. I was then awarded the CFA charter in 2012.

I worked with  a startup in the San Francisco Bay area and a startup in Singapore , investment banks Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital in Singapore, before starting my first company- Investopresto.We raised 3 rounds of funding of about half a million dollars from an arm of the Singapore government as well as from angel investors and investment funds. After building a team of 15 people in Singapore and India, launching an awesome product (web and mobile based social investment portfolio management tool), we acquired tens of thousands of active users, got some fantastic press and critical acclaim. Unfortunately, we ran out of funding and shut down. More about it in this article on Pluggd.in .

I then co-founded Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) (as a Founding Member) along with other like-minded folks. CAG went on to become one of India’s premier socio-political organizations, providing campaign management support to the Prime-Ministerial campaign of Mr Narendra Modi- India’s current Prime Minister. As a Founding Member of CAG, I worked on several prestigious projects and co-ordinated/led the team in charge of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. During this time, I also co-founded The Indian Republic (as its Editor-at-Large) which went on to become India’s largest not-for-profit news portal.

I currently run Monsoon CreditTech, a FinTech startup I founded in 2015. Monsoon leverages advanced artificial intelligence to help lenders make intelligent credit decisions. Our team consists of some of the smartest minds working in this space including alumni of some the world’s top universities & financial institutions. We are backed by some of the best known angel investors in India and work with marquee lenders in the country.


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